Open call for 2022 El Grito International Fantastic Film Festival

The hosts from the Fourth version of Festival El Grito are reaching over the rooftops. There are hundred of them and walk over the zinc or roof tile without leaving any damage behind. Doing it with calculation and agility, looking for a dark place to look for shelter from the cold while sunrise appears in Los Andes, region that will celebrate again the first and only Fantastic Film Festival from Venezuela, that this years presentes a new competition of international, latinoamerican and national feature films, as well as our usual competition of fantastic short films and music videos.

The call of the Fourth Festival El Grito is officially open until september 15 of 2022 and the event will take place from 21 to 26 of september in San Cristobal, Tachira State. Be welcome to the more enchanted rooftops from the country and receive this cordial invitation to enroll your feature or short films, from the fantasy, terror/horror, Sci Fi and thriller genre , in fictions, animations and documentary film formats, as well as the music videos with fantastic theme.


Welcome to the most enchanted rooftops in the country and receive this cordial invitation to submit your long or short films, fantasy, horror/horror, science fiction, thriller and suspense genres in fiction, animation and documentary formats, as well as music videos with fantastic theme.

Registrations are open in our associated platforms Filmfreeway and FestHome.

Since his first edition back in 2019, El Grito has worked as the place from fantastic cinema , where amateurs and professional filmmakers have been able to find a platform to see, show, learn and reflect about these movie genres.


  • The call for movie registration has a deadline September 15 of 2022 til 23:59 (Venezuela time).
  • Feature films with a minimal length of 60 minutes and short films with a maximum length of 25 minutes will be accepted.
  • The enrolled movies can be from any origin.
  • Films in the following categories may participate:

1. Latinoamerican feature film
2. Venezuelan feature film
3. International short film
4. Latinoamerican short film
5. Venezuelan short film
6. Music video

  • The feature and short films can be in fiction, documentary, animation or experimental format and must fit in the fantasy, horror/terror , sci fi, thriller and suspense genres.
  • The works must have an end date of January 2020.
  • Filmmakers selected in previous editions can apply.
  • Movie receptions are via Web. The works will be received through the associate platforms. Filmfreeway and FestHome.
  • Registration fees for international and latinoamerican feature films are USD $12, while from international and latinoamerican short films are USD $6. Venezuelan participants don’t pay the registration fee.
  • The feature and short films that are not spanish spoken must include subtitles in spanish language in SRT format. We will accept english subtitles when they are not available in spanish. In case of don´t have any subtitles the work will be disqualified.
  • We won´t admit works have applied in previous editions.
  • We will aceept more than a work per director. However, inscription is not a guarantee from a projection or selection inside the Festival.
  • The organizing committee will do the curation of the received material, where will be selected the works that will participate inside the official competition. The programming of projections will be established according to well-founded criteria.
  • The following recognitions will be given inside the categories of the festival, besides the following special mentions, both in feature and in short films:

1. Best production
2. Best direction
3. Best cinematography
4. Best art direction
5. Best visual effects
6. Best VFX
7. Best sound design
8. Best screenplay
9. Best male performance
10. Best female performance
11. Best editing
12. Prize from the public

  • After the exhibition within the framework of the event, we will give the opportunity to the filmmakers for a bigger diffusion of their works through projections in regional distribution circles.
  • The inscription on the event implies the autorization of the filmmakers to the organizators from the exhibition of their works, not only on the festival, but in special showcases, besides of the use of images, posters of part of their work (Not more of 20 seconds) for the promotion of the event.
  • The inscription on the event implies the acceptance of all the participation bases. Please read carefully and send concerns to

Daniel Peñaloza and Hassler Salgar (El Grito Film Festival Directors)